Craig Schmersal & Face The Attitude: Open Level 4 Champions

Craig Schmersal wird mit Face The Attitude Open Futurity Champion
Craig Schmersal war bereits etwa 20 Mal im Finale der NRHA Futurity. Dieses Jahr ist sein großer Traum in Erfüllung gegangen: Er wurde NRHA Futurity Open Champion mit der Stute Face The Attitude. Ein ganz besonderes Pferd für Craig, denn ihr Vater ist Pale Face Dunnit, der Craig selbst gehört und den er ebenfalls sehr erfolgreich geshowt hat. Auch die Mutter der jungen Stute – Miss Lil Addy Tude – hat Craig geshowt.

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“It’s taken a while to win the NRHA Futurity – 27 years – but we finally made it,” said Schmersal, who did not try to hide his tears. “This mare reminds me of her mom and dad, and I had the pleasure of showing them both. The babies by and out of them try so hard and are so steady. They have their brain and the ability,” said Schmersal. “This mare, ‘Ariel,’ has the ability, but most importantly she has the brain to back it up. You can have a horse with a great ability, and you can have a horse with a great brain, but if you don’t have it all, it’s just a hard deal.”

“I’m so grateful that nobody bought her,” said Craig’s wife, Ginger. “I put a high price on her, and I’m sure they thought I was nuts. In the last few months, she’s just bloomed and grew up. That brain has always been beautiful, but now she’s growing into what she is, and I am thrilled with this title that Craig so deserves.”

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